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It was "on the way," with persistence, determination and never giving up, that this office emerged and developed, creating connections with people who believed in us and the strength of our work.

"The true measure of command is not in our capabilities or limitations, but in the genuine willingness to serve others. Power implies responsability and care for whom we are in charge for and for whom we work or live for." 

Inácio de Loyola, Nunca Só by José Maria Rodríguez Olaizol

Let's continue on the way!

COVID-19: Levantamento da suspensão dos prazos judiciais

12 April 2021

On April 6th, the suspension of procedural deadlines was lifted, pursuant to Law No. 13-B / 2021, which amended Law No. 1-A / 2020.

However, a transitional regime remains in force for the duration of the current pandemic situation.

Trial hearings and other steps that require the examination of witnesses may take place in person, ensuring proper physical distance, or by videoconference, the latter being mandatory when the intervening parties belong to risk groups.

As for other inquiries, they should preferably take place by videoconference.

Remain suspended:

a) The time limit for filing for insolvency by the debtor;

b) Acts to be carried out in executive or insolvency proceedings related to the delivery of  family homes;

c) Acts of delivery of the leased property when the lessee, due to the final judicial decision to be handed down, may be placed in a situation of fragility due to lack of own housing or other compelling social reason;

d) The statute of limitations and forfeiture relating to this type of processes or due diligence that cannot be carried out due to the pandemic;

e) In the case of property that is not a family home, the steps for its sale may also be suspended if the executed or insolvent so requires, provided that such suspension does not cause serious or irreparable damage to the creditor.

The limitation and limitation periods whose suspension ended on April 6th 2021 are extended by the period corresponding to the term of the suspension.

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12 September 2018
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