On the Way

It was "on the way," with persistence, determination and never giving up, that this office emerged and developed, creating connections with people who believed in us and the strength of our work.

"The true measure of command is not in our capabilities or limitations, but in the genuine willingness to serve others. Power implies responsability and care for whom we are in charge for and for whom we work or live for." 

Inácio de Loyola, Nunca Só by José Maria Rodríguez Olaizol

Let's continue on the way!

I. Câncio Advogados began its activity in the area of Banking Litigation and Credit Recovery. Over the years, in a manner complementary to its experience, it reinforced its connection to companies by providing its services in a close, daily preventive manner. The last crisis showed that it was on the right track. It considers that only legal advice committed to and involved in the construction of solutions, tailored to each company, can help to overcome the constraints of the whole business.

Isabel Câncio

We bring together simple, competent, specialized individuals with the ability to add and build. This is our mission.

We promote legal rigour, we cross information, we think about what you cannot find in any book, but which results from our experience, from the experience of others and from what the future indicates to us.

Technology must be viewed from the perspective of helping at work, but ethics remains the basis of any balanced decision. We must therefore develop in young lawyers the tools necessary for full and fair decisions.

Human beings are essentially visited beings, and words are the home for their hospitality. Those who know how to keep authentic words become an abode and even an icon for things, events, people visit them, preparing to host the absolute Poet, God.
The biography of humans, or their word, is a growth, until humans identify themselves with the Word that God has pronounced about them.

João Guimarães Rosa
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